‘Serendipity buildings’…science fiction?

Another SerenA meeting took place a couple of weeks ago…this time in beautiful Nottingham! Being out for some after-work drinks, we came to experience (once again!) the frantic business of the centre with loads of students hanging around, people coming out of the Theatre Royal…the whole situation made me think, actually it made me wonder how many people -among all those being around me- could have potential similar interests with me…how many of them would potentially like to know more about the stuff that I am working on…and actually if any such people existed…where…in which building they could be.

These thoughts reminded me of the Doppel Lab:

…where -in effect- you have ‘sensing’ buildings…maybe buildings of ‘serendipity’ that could let you know whether a potential ‘serendipity moment’ is approaching by connecting to our SerenA system… this may be too wild or -for some- too far away…but you never know I guess. The sure thing is that there is some very exciting research going on :-)


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