Serendipity Salon Workshop at Future Everything. 21st March, 2013

Future Everything Summit of Ideas and Digital Invention, 2013 hosted SerenA team members Mel Woods and Dr Stephann Makri for a Serendipity Salon Workshop onĀ March 21, 2013.


Seeking Serendipity through Digital Invention

Mel Woods (University of Dundee) / Dr. Stephann Makri (UCL)

This workshop will focused on serendipity and its widely-noted influence on innovation in creative and technology design, art and business practice. Our research conducted on the nature of serendipity, has found that there are several actions and attitudes of mind that can increase the likelihood of serendipity. These include varying routines, being observant, making mental space, relaxing boundaries, drawing on previous experiences, looking for patterns and seizing opportunities.

The workshop commenced with a ‘making connections’ session which allowed participants to verbally introduce themselves whilst making a web of connections.


‘Making Connections’ Session

The salon moved on to learn about the actions and attitudes of mind and apply them (as part of a Design Challenge and co-creation session) to the design of novel digital products, systems or services aimed at creating opportunities for serendipity.


Design Challenge ‘Discovery Engine’ in process.

The workshop will concluded with a plenary discussion, with presentations which aimed to contribute to the themes of ‘Serendpity City’, ‘Smart Citizen’, ‘Discovery Engine’ and discuss the challenges of designing to create opportunities for serendipity along with exciting future opportunities for doing so.


Presentations of ‘Design Challenge’ proposals to the Salon


More information about the conference here:


FutureEverything Timetable

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