Performing Worlds: Performing Serendipitous Connections

SerenA will run a workshop ‘Performing Serendipitous Connections’ at Performing Worlds, a public art, performance and education event taking place in a variety of locations across Dundee between 9th – 15th June 2012.

Workshop: Performing Serendipitous Connections
Lead by: Debbie Maxwell, Mel Woods
Location: Fleet Collective, Chambers East, Dundee

Friday 15th June, 3 – 5pm

You are invited to a workshop to explore chance encounters with information and artefacts gathered throughout the Performing Worlds event. Creating links across seemingly unrelated material is known to enable people to think differently and creatively about previously unrelated concepts and ideas. These connections can be usefully recorded, reflected and acted upon to strengthen the health, creativity and innovation of a local community, which may in turn enhance our natural, social and learning environments.

This workshop will provide a dynamic open forum for creative practioners to map and connect physical and social documentation collated during the Performing Worlds programme. Together we will build and activate a 3d environment as performance space that visualises connections and interactions. The workshop will culminate in discussion of prominent features of Perforning Worlds and the serendipitous experiential environment.

Performers, Exhibitors, creative practitioners and communities who are interested in Serendipity in practice or have been involved or happened upon the ‘Performing Worlds’ programme.

Gather and bring documentation collated during or in response to the ‘Performing Worlds’ programme. You can bring images, drawings, tweets, flyers, blogs, sketch books, notes of interactions in formal and informal spaces.

Following the workshop we would like to invite those who are interested to contribute to The SerenA project, to participate in co-creation of devices and technologies that might enable serendipity.

More information will be made available immediately following the event

Further details about the programme can be found by following the Performing Worlds listings. A paper copy of the programme can be collected from a variety of venues including Dundee Contemporary Arts, Fleet Collective (Chamber Building), Hannah Maclure Centre, The Rep, Wellgate Central Library, and other venue partners.

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